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Our Staff

Staff from left to right: Margaret, Jenny, Evelyn, and Liz

Here at Sparkle Family Dentistry we pride ourselves on having the best staff possible. Our professional, experienced staff consists of:

Margaret, Who has been Dr. Karna's assistant for 18 years, is a very efficient worker, who gets things done quickly.

Evelyn, Has worked with Dr. Karna as his assistant for 10 years. She has a vast knowledge of surgical procedures and uses her expertise to its fullest extent.

Liz, Has worked with Dr. Karna for 7 years in the front office as Office Manager. She knows the ins-and-outs of insurance and will work with your individual needs.

Jenny, She is our newest member of the Sparkle Family. She has worked with Dr. Karna for 1 year as an assistant and the Assistant Office Manager. 

We will do everything we can to make your visit both a comfortable and enjoyable experience.